Gelebte Inklusion


Welcome to TÄKS e.V.

We are pleased to welcome you in your language. (Although at present, we can only offer 7 languages). We would like to introduce TÄKS e.V. to you and present our different offers.

About TÄKS e.V.

Täks e.V. is a nonprofit association and approved carrier of child- and youth welfare. It was founded in 1999 in Berlin. Our kinder gardens, day-centers for school children and neighborhood projects are located in Schöneberg, Tempelhof, Kreuzberg, Friedrichshain, Buckow, Wilmersdorf and Reinickendorf. Almost 200 permanent employees are working in our association as well as a large number of volunteers.

How we work

Our way of working is based on prejudice-conscious, intercultural and inclusive education. Creating transparency is important for us. We want to live diversity and we want to engage ourselves in a wide variety of areas. Furthermore we want to create a culture of participation for everybody.

We offer:

  • open offers for parents with small children (age 0-3)
  • open offers for families with children (age 3-6) to come in contact with each other and with the neighbourhood (“Spielgarten”)
  • kindergarden places for children aged under 3 years
  • kindergarden places for children aged 3 to school entrance
  • day-care centers for schoolchildren
  • open children and youth center
  • Neighborhood and family projects
  • intergenerational and inclusive projects

Although German is used as our common working language, there is a big variety of languages spoken in our different institutions.
Are you interested in getting to know us better? Please then contact the person responsible for the institution you are interested in.

We are looking forward to your visit!